P N Menon


P N Menon - Revolt that Adored Cinema
Many believe that the “New Wave” in Malayalam cinema begins with P N Menon. His famous film “Olavum Theeravum” is considered as the first film in this genre.  His maiden directorial attempt “Rossy” (1967) itself was a break from the then existing habits of Malayalam industry. Even while he worked as an art director Menon’s mind was not confined to sets built at Madras studios. He preferred to shoot the entire film outdoor which itself was a shock to the existing ways of Malayalam cinema. His entire life as a director was a challenge as once Adoor Gopalakrishnan pointed out.
This small book is a homage to him and Journalist and Film Critic Shri A Chandrasekharan gives us an interesting description about Menon’s life as cinema.

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