The objectives and functions of the Academy are:

1. To help Government in the formulation of policies connected with film and television related activities,

2. To set up a film and video archive,

3. To set up a Directorate of Film Festivals,

4. To manage and distribute State Award for films and video programmes,

5. To set up an Audio Visual Library for the public,

6. To function as a link between the Government and film industry,

7. To evolve a financial mechanism to support films having aesthetic and social importance,

8. To extend promotional support to makers of good films and TV/Video programmes,

9. To advice the Government to set up a Film and Television institute in the State and to start a State Television channel,

10. To plan and execute specific films and television activities with the co-operation of KSFDC and C-DIT,

11. To promote children’s films and to create sufficient arrangements to exhibit them in schools and other cultural centres,

12. To set up a documentation cell to document the history of Malayalam Cinema and profile of film personalities,

13. To organise film appreciation and study camps in different places,

14. To set up an Academic Library and provide research facilities to public and students,

15. To publish books, journals, etc on cinema and television,

16. To support film societies by providing grants and other facilities,

17. To hold meetings, seminars conferences, lectures, symposia and discussion on cinema, television and other arts,

18. To honour eminent personalities in cinema and television from the State and the country,

19. To distribute subsidy to Malayalam films and to carry out such directions as may be given by the Government from time to time.


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